Bikesharing for Stuttgart & the region

The right bike for every purpose: at over 230 stations in more than 30 cities and towns in the Stuttgart region, around 1,000 bikes, 700 pedelecs and 35 cargo pedelecs are available for you.

RegioRad neo

We are modernising RegioRadStuttgart for you by equipping half of the classic bikes with a new bike lock:

  • You can rent and return your RegioRad faster.

  • With the new front basket on the bike you can now always keep an eye on your luggage.

Save money with the polygoCard

polygoCard holders ride bikes for free for the first 30 minutes and pedelecs for free for the first 15 minutes - for every ride! Additional advantage: you can rent a bike without the app. Order directly free of charge (also without a VVS subscription).

Our Basic and Light tariffs also offer you an attractive mobility package.

Discover the region

Discover the region! Find tours at Conveniently, all tours start and end at a train station with a bike rental station. For more cycling tours of the region, visit

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Travelling outside the Stuttgart region?

You can use all DB bikesharing vehicles with the RegioRadStuttgart app, like Call a Bike in Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne and Munich as well as StadtRAD in Hamburg and Lüneburg.

The right bike for every purpose


RegioRad neo

Electric Cargo Bike

More questions?

We have the answers.

How do I use RegioRadStuttgart with the polygoCard?

The polygoCard multi-mobility card is the key to public transportation, car and bike sharing, and other services in the Stuttgart region. You can order it free of charge at Further information: .

With the polygoCard, you ride your bike for free for the first 30 minutes of every trip. With the pedelec you ride the first 15 minutes per rental for free. Register for the polygoCard tariff by entering your polygoCard ID.

You can use the polygoCard as a rental medium for RegioRadStuttgart: call us at 0711-490780 or write an email to and have it deposited as a rental medium.

This is how renting with a deposited polygoCard works Tap the display on the handlebar and hold your polygoCard against it. Now you can open the lock by pressing the red lock button. Then just pull out the station latch on the right side of the lock - done! After a break, unlock the bike by simply holding the polygoCard on the handlebar display.

How do I pay the fee?

At RegioRadStuttgart you can easily pay by credit card or sepa direct debit.

How do I report damage?

You can easily report damage via the RegioRadStuttgart app. In the menu at the bottom of the screen you will find the item "Damage". Enter the bike number of the defective bike and send us your location, so we can quickly repair the damage. Thank you for your support!

How do I end the rental?

You can return bikes and pedelecs at any RegioRadStuttgart station near your destination. Cargo pedelecs need to be returned to their home station.

Lock the lock by tapping the handlebar display, pressing the red lock button on the left of the rear wheel and pushing the lock lever (on the right side) all the way down. If necessary, insert the station cable into the lock. If there is no free parking space with station rope or if you are at a virtual station, lock the bike as described above and let the question for the ride pause pass in the display. After a few seconds, the return will be confirmed in the handlebar display.

Please check that the bike is properly locked. To do this, look at the handlebar display after locking the bike. If the display shows "Rückgabe erfolgreich" ("Return successful"), everything is locked correctly. If this is not the case, please contact customer service by phone immediately.

What can I do if I have found a RegioRadStuttgart?

Unfortunately, bikes are lost from time to time due to vandalism. If you discover one of our bikes in a no-parking zone, ditch, bush or other unusual place, report it via our app under "Damage" or via this form:

This way we can collect the bikes, repair them and quickly make them available to our customers again.

Thank you for your help!